Monday, November 23, 2015

Product Review: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15

My personal preference for lipsticks is for it to be sheer and moisturizing. I really like those with a lip balm feel to it and one of my favorite drugstore brands has been long discontinued. 

I'm really late to the Fresh bandwagon. I have only used their soy face wash in the past. Recently I decided to pick up the special mini trio that was only $28.00. There were 3 different colors, Nude, Rose and Honey. It comes in a really nice tin container which has a mirror on the inside cover. I'm already thinking of using the tin as a magnetic palette. It's a nice and compact size and I can layer 2 or 3 layers inside. I may actually have it replace the current tin that I'm using, although that one has sentimental value for me.

The back of the cardboard cover which lists specifics:

The lipstick tubes are tightly packed inside.

Colors and Swatches on a paper towel:

I absolutely am in love with this line! My absolute favorite is Rose. It comes off as a MLBB color. Honey is a little too warm for me so I gave it to Mai and she loves it. Nude is too pale for me but is perfect for wearing at home as a lip balm, which I often wear at home anyway. In recent month, my lips have become dry so I find myself reaching for a lip balm more often now. 

This line has colors that are sheer and some colors that are more bold. At this point in time, I would honestly love to replace all of my lipsticks with this line. A month or so from now I may find some other line that I will really appeal to me but for now, these lipsticks fit my personal preference for a lipstick. I will admit that I did go back and buy a full-sized tube in a different color. I'm not loving the color as much as it is a much brighter pink than I wanted but it's still wearable, especially with the holidays coming up and bolder colors can be easily worn. I need to go back and get a full size in Rose.

Have you tried Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments and what are your thoughts?


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Latest Fashion Discovery from Japan

I took a trip to Japan in mid September, which I thoroughly enjoyed. This time I was able to do a meet up with blogger K of Cosmeddicted. I had a great time meeting up with her and just spending some time eating and sightseeing.

From the time I landed in Japan and throughout our various travels, I noticed that many women were wearing gauchos pants. I remember back in the early 80's when this style was really popular and I had a couple of outfits which were favorites of mine. I was so happy to see that this style trend is coming back into fashion.

I found a pair that I really liked at Shimamura so I purchased it. I wore it recently and topped it with a simple crystal embellished top which I had in my closet and low heeled shoes, which I had recently purchased from Nordstrom Rack. I can see myself wearing these gauchos pants on a regular basis.

I would have liked to have spent time browsing and searching through all of the beauty brands but unfortunately I didn't have time for any of that. We were so busy and on the go, go, go that I honestly didn't have much shopping time. Hopefully the next time I go to Japan  I can spend some time beauty shopping.


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Review: Sephora's VIB 500 Point Urban Decay Urban Vices Palette Set + EOTD

Hi Everyone!

I know it's been a very long while since I last blogged. There will probably be a future post on that but for now I'm very excited to blog about Urban Vices Palette set, which I received almost a week ago.

Last year there was a 500 point Urban Decay palette which I really like. One of the colors in that set has become a part of my regular rotation of colors that I use and fortunately, it is a regular stock item.

I happened to be surfing Sephora's website online and saw the Urban Vices set available for a 500 point VIB redemption. I immediately called my local store and found out it was also available in our store so I rushed out to get there.

The set comes in a big box with the Urban Vices design on it.

Inside the box is another box--a small box the size of the palette, again with the Urban Vices design on it.

The back of the box with some product information, including the shadow colors.

Inside the box is the actual palette. It is made of sturdy cardboard, which is something that I don't like but I can't complain since it was a bonus item using my points.

The colors are Dope, Hoodoo, Derailed and Smokeout. Also included is a mini 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Smokeout. I haven't had a chance to do some checking so I don't know if any of these are part of their regular line or not. I think that I have Smokeout in another palette but not positive. If anyone knows these colors availability, please comment and let me know.

I did a quick EOTD using Hoodoo on the inner 1/3 of my eye, Derailed on the outer 2/3 of the eye. I dabbed MAC's Light Violet Crushed Pigment in the center of the eyelid just to give it some dimension and added Smokeout to the out corners of the eyelid and along the outer 1/4 of the lower lashline. I used Dolly Wink Eyeliner pen to line my eyes.

Like last year's palette, I'm really liking this one. One can reason that this gift isn't worth it because 500 points is equivalent to $500.00 spent. I like to look at it as a bonus, despite the value of the points because without the program, I wouldn't be getting anything. I think that with any reward program, one will never get full value of what their points were equivalent to.

I can't believe that it's mid November already. Somehow, this year has flown by much more quickly than any other year.


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Purchase Review: Stila Illuminating Powder Foundation + Mini DIY

Powder foundation is a basic item in my makeup routine. I don't use it solely as a foundation but as a finishing powder. For a few years now, my main favorites come from Japanese brands--Maquillage and Coffret D'or since they come in moisturizing formulations. Recently though, I haven't been able to find a Maquillage powder foundation labeled as moisturizing so have been using Kanebo Coffret D'or Silky Pact UV Moist Keep. 

Due to a recent mishap and extenuating circumstances,(which I will explain a little later) I was deperately in need of a new powder foundation and decided on Stila Illuminating Powder foundation. I even found a color that almost perfectly matched the Coffret D'or one that I had been using.

Like many Japanese brands, the compact case is sold separately from the powder. I read many reviews on Sephora by people upset that they had to buy the case separately. It didn't bother me since that's the way I have been purchasing my powder foundation. I decided not to buy the case since I wasn't sure if I would like the product enough to use it as a daily basic.

The ingredient list: 

According to Sephora's website, it is a velvety powder foundation which leaves a luminous, transparent finish while protecting the skin with SPF 12. You can apply it dry for a light coverage or with a damp sponge for a heavier coverage.

This is a nice powder, but using it dry it really does provide a very, very light coverage. Using it damp does provide more coverage but on me it gets a bit cakey. Even dry with the light coverage, it seems to settle a bit in my fine lines. I don't feel that it provides enough coverage for me as the day wears on.

Another beauty blogger asked me recently what I use to conceal under my eyes. I use the powder foundation. One of the very few good points for me is that I do not have dark circles and puffy under eyes.

While I do have some discoloration, it is very light that I don't need to do heavy concealing.(I do need to conceal the freckles though.) For my under eyes, all that I do after I apply foundation, is pat another light layer of foundation under my eyes and then set it with the powder foundation. 

The Stila Illuminating Powder foundation doesn't work as well as Coffret D'or for me but it's a good backup in case of an emergency. So what was my mishap? I had hit pan on my Coffret D'or powder foundation and had it at the point where the bottom half was pan and the top half was powder. I had to be out working all day and knew that I would be needing a touch up before heading to another function so I packed it into my makeup case. Unfortunately because it was only half a pan, it ended up cracking and breaking into many pieces. I had been debating several weeks before on whether to order a new one for backup but held off thinking that I would be traveling to Japan in a few months. To top it off, when I went to my online vendor, Ichibankao, for this product, she was closed for summer vacation and it would be a couple of weeks before she returned and opened business again. This is what made me decide that I needed to find a substitute until I could place an order.

In the meantime, I decided to empty out the Coffret D'or pan and compact.

I decided to try to repress the broken remains of foundation. To my delight, it worked! I used the 44mm round pan to press the broken product and it was just the right size.

As you can see, it is smaller than the original compact size and it fits perfectly into the travel palette that I am using to travel with. It ends up being perfect timing for me to eliminate more bulk by not having to take the original compact case.

So my final conclusion on the Stila Illuminating Powder Foundation is that it will be a nice backup to have to use in emergencies. It just doesn't cut it to replace the Coffret D'or powder foundation since Coffret D'or gives me more coverage without caking or settling into fine lines and lasts on me for hours. Besides, I LOVE the case that I got when I first started using Coffret D'or.

Isn't it pretty?!


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Purchase Review: Milani Eyeshadow Primer

Ever since my friend reviewed Milani Eyeshadow Primer on her blog here, I've been wanting to test it out. I finally picked it up at WalMart and started using it a week and a half ago.

Ingredient List:

You can click on the picture to enlarge the list.

Up till now, my HG eyeshadow primer is Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I must say that I have to agree with Cosmeddicted in that this eyeshadow primer is great! Let's do some comparisons.

Milani Eyeshadow Primer:
.30 fl oz/9 ml
$6.57 at WalMart

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion:
.33 oz
$20.00 at Sephora
.16 oz (mini)
$12.00 at Sephora

Milani offers a much better value, being it's a drugstore brand. A big negative for me is that Urban Decay has discontinued the squeeze tube, which is what Milani has, and has gone back to having a doe foot applicator.

Cosmeddicted says that she has oily eyelids, which is why she creamy primers don't work well for her. I use Mezaik Stretch Fiber to create a double eyelid thus I can't use anything creamy, which will lift the fiber. Urban Decay has worked well for me but I am finding that Milani works well and in fact, works better. It works better because recently with Urban Decay, I've been finding that the darker eyeshadows are going into the crease where the stretch fiber is and creating a significant crease mark. It is obvious if I look down, some days being more obvious than others.

Urban Decay

With Milani, I haven't had much problems and am finding my eyeshadows applying quite nicely. My eyeshadows last just as long and well as when using Urban Decay.


FYI: the Milani EOTD was done using Urban Decay's new Naked Smoky Palette. Inner 1/3 of eyelid I used Half Baked from Naked 1 palette, middle 1/3 is Radar and outer 1/3 is Smolder. I am liking this new Naked Palette.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Purchase Review: MAC Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting Compact and Kat's Current Concealing Method Part 2

This is the 2nd part of my current concealing method. You can see part 1 here, which is the prior post.

Continuing on...

To set the concealer pencil on the large dark spot, instead of using powder as I did for the other areas, I now use MAC Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting Compact in Recharge, which is an apricot colored powder. 

I have been using different forms of orange-toned powders for a long time now to try to conceal and set because using powder, even if it's translucent powder, shows up as a white spot when I apply blush.

After I apply the CC powder, I set my whole face with translucent powder (Cle de Peau loose powder) and finish up my makeup routine, applying blush and lipstick.

This is after 10+ hours of wear:

As you can see, the combination of NUDESTIX concealer pencil and MAC CC concealer powder hold up very well. I only touched up my nose with some powder as it has been very humid here plus my nose has been a bit stuffy and I've been fussing with it with tissues.

MAC Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting Compact is a pretty hefty-sized compact with 8 .0 grams/.28 oz of product. The compact itself is a mirrored, black hard plastic case.  For the amount of product that I use, it will take me a very long time before I will need to make another purchase.

I really like this powder as it is a matte powder. A lot of the other powders that I had been using had some shimmers in it. While in some ways shimmer is good in that it reflects the light away, it would sometimes still show up as a lighter spot when blush was applied.

So far, I'm quite happy with the results and will continue on until I find another product that piques my interest.


Monday, July 13, 2015

Purchase Review: NUDESTIX Concealer Pencil and Kat's Current Concealing Method Part 1

My nemesis is the large dark spot that is on the apple of my right cheek. I've reviewed a number of different concealers but my current favorite is NUDESTIX Concealer Pencil. I was a little apprehensive ordering this online from Sephora, sight unseen because I'm really particular about swatching colors to match my skin tone, which isn't the easiest to find a good match for. Unfortunately, the stores locally do not stock it so I had no choice. The sales person was really helpful though and actually went to check the foundation that I'm using to match the color of the concealer to. She matched it to Medium 6, which ended up being a great match for me.

While I feel it's not necessary, it comes in a tin container. The pencil is a chubby stick, which is creamy and is not self sharpening.

Also included in the container is another cover, which opens up into a sharpener. This is nice and handy for use when traveling. The inside cover of the tin is a mirror. I can see converting this into a magnetic palette!

The concealer is nicely pigmented with nice coverage. It's so simple to use, just color it on like you did as a child coloring pages with crayons. You don't need much to get good coverage, which is good because it can get quite heavy if you use too much.

Bare face:

Foundation only (Sorry, I don't know why the picture is so white!) FYI, I use BareMinerals Bare Skin Serum Foundation in Bare Beige 8 :

Concealer applied:

I then set the concealed areas with powder, except for the large dark spot.

I like the ease in applying this concealer. It's really quick and I don't have to use extra brushes to apply and blend in. It will also be very easy to travel with. It is a bit pricey at $24.00 but it works well and a little goes a long way. My only wish is that there was the option to purchase just the pencil instead of buying the whole set. I just received my backup order and it seems like such a waste to have gotten another tin and another sharpener.

I had previously done a review of a similar type of concealer, which was from Daiso. You can read it here and see the similarities and differences between the two.

My next post will be the finishing touches of concealing.